The master GlobalSupply Chain and Industrial Operation in Aeronautical Industry is offered at the University of Seville from 2009. This master is focused on:
  • Assuring the successful incorporation of the graduates in the aeronautical sector by complementing their training in this field.
  • Providing specific and practical training focused on the needs of the aeronautical industry through theoretical and practical “immersion” in this area.
  • Covering the demand of the Andalusian aeronautical sector for highly qualified graduates.

In order to achieve these goals, the Higher Technical School of Engineering and European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) work together. The aim of this master is to provide the student with a sound theoretical training that complements the knowledge already acquired as an engineer. This training will be combined with practical training in the AIRBUS MILITARY facilities in Seville, where the final assembly lines of the military transport aircrafts that EADS develop are located.

The master Information and Communication Technology Security is offered from 2012. Its aim is to train experts in security who can solve technical problems related to ICT (networks, services and information systems), implement security management systems in companies and conduct security audits of networks, systems and ICT services.

The course is mainly given by experts working in companies and try to cover the training needs of future professionals in the emerging market of ICT security.
  • To show analytical skills of problems from the ICT security point of view.
  • To be able to protect networks and main information systems and services against potential attacks.
  • To know the security management frameworks and its legislation and to implement security management systems in a company.
  • To be able to conduct security audits and expert assessments.

The master Transport, Energy and Environment integral safety is offered at theUniversity of Seville in the frame of the International Campus of Excellence Andalucia Tech.

It has been jointly organised by the Professorship of Occupational Risk Prevention of the University of Seville and the Professsorship of Occupational Risk Prevention and Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Malaga.

One of its main aims is to train students to practise as Occupational Health and Safety Specialists in the fields of applied occupational safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and psyco-sociology, according to Annex VI of the Spanish Royal Decree 39/1997 that confers attributions in all specialities of occupational risk prevention.

In addition to these specialities, this master is focused on transport, energy and the environment. The students are sent for internships in renowned companies in the sector.

The methodology is both theoretical and practical in order to offer an extensive technical knowledge. All the teachers are experts working in related sectors who help the student to cover their needs as future Occupational Health and Security Specialists.
Expert courses

The course Mobile data: Technology, Services and New Business Models is offered from 2004:
  • To offer students, graduates and professionals in Information and Communication Technology a postgraduate course in the field of mobile communications. The course is based on all network technology aspects (radio access and core network), regulation and normalisation, new services and application development, business development and strategies and project strategies.
  • To show new possibilities for creating small and medium-sized enterprises in the emerging sector of Mobile Internet taking into consideration the new roles of the value chain of the services offered by the mobile data.

Different experts and universities work together in this course in the frame of an agreement between the School and Vodafone in order to provide the student with the required skills:
  • Design, planning, development and deployment of mobile communication systems (radio frequency and core network).
  • Design, programming and implementation of mobile services and applications.
  • Project management, write business and marketing plans according to regulation and standardisation in force.

The course composite materials: Calculation of Aeronautical Components This course was designed to cover the needs of the aeronautical sector of highly qualified engineers trained in the calculation of aeronautical components, manufacturing, inspection, tests, joints and composite materials development. The aim of this course is to train engineering professionals in calculation, manufacturing and certification of composite materials in order to help the graduate to integrate into the labour market due to the skills and knowledge acquired in composite materials.

To achieve this goal, this course is supported by the extensiveknowledge of the GERM (Elasticity and Strength of Materials Group) of the University of Seville in collaboration with renowned experts in this field.